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Port of Livorno 2000 is a company founded in 1996 by the Port Authority and coordinates the passenger port of Livorno and manages:

  • 2 Terminals, the Cruise Terminal and the Maritime Station for ferries;
  • 3 parking spaces
  • 13 docks located throughout the port area of ​​the port of Livorno, providing high quality services to passengers and ships arriving in Livorno.

Thanks to the numerous interventions of the Port of Livorno 2000, the port of Livorno is today a protagonist on the national and international scene for the passenger sector both as a Home Port and as a transit port for the most important shipping companies worldwide.
All of this was also possible thanks to the investments that Port of Livorno 2000 made for the development of the "Safety & Security" sector, which operates efficiently within the Port of Livorno.

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PORTO DI LIVORNO 2000 s.r.l.

Terminal Crociere
Piazzale dei Marmi, 12 - 57123 Livorno (LI)
Tel. 0586.202901
Fax 0586.892209